The Faraday Guild

The Faraday Guild was formed in November 1984 by a group of bell ringers working in the Electricity Supply Industry. Following a quarter peal by ringers from Eastern Electricity, a meeting was held in Hertfordshire to which Supply Industry ringers from around the country were invited. Initially known as the ESI Ringers' Guild, Pat Moreland suggested the name Faraday Guild in December 1985. We normally meet in the Spring and Autumn for an outing organised by a member of the Guild. These are one day or weekend meetings and are usually in Great Britain although we have ventured to Dublin and the Channel Islands.

The membership requirements are not at all rigorous: many of our active members are retired from the Supply Industry or have moved on to other jobs. And friends and partners are most welcome to join us for meetings. We are always happy to welcome new members. Please contact us if you are interested.

Removal of old Faraday Guild URL

The URL of this website used to be When I moved to another host the URL became I advised everyone to use the new URL but I kept the old domain and redirected it to the new one. The renewal of the old domain name has just come up and it seems crazy to pay two domain fees to two different providers. 

The net result of this rather nerdish situation (for which I apologise) is that the old URL ( will case to operate from 17 October and you will need to use (if you aren't doing that already).


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Postscript to the Shoreham Visit

Adrienne Sharp has provided interesting additional information about the visit to Shoreham during the recent meeting in Kent:

"I mentioned on the day why there so many people gathered in the churchyard at Shoreham and I thought members would be interested.  Whilst some visitors were day trippers interested in the art of ringing, a large number included the wife, family & friends of a man who was the recent long-standing tower captain who had very recently passed away, with the funeral/memorial service being held the following week. It had been advertised that we were visiting and they felt it was a fitting tribute to him to meet and share memories whilst we rang the bells. It was very emotional and our ringing was much appreciated."

With Jennifer's agreement I have included this as a postscript to her report - see 'Past meetings'.

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