Past meetings

Date Title
Open March 2018Interesting Lanes and Twinned Loos
Open October 2017Outing to North East Suffolk
Open April 2017The Faraday Guild Springs into Kent
Open Autumn 2016West of Cambs, East of Beds
Open March 2016Faraday Ringing Outing to Herefordshire
Open September 2015Faraday Guild Outing to London
Open April 2015The Faraday Guild in Somerset - Big bells and good company
Open October 2014Daventry Calling
Open April 2014Ross-on-Wye
Open October 2013East Bedfordshire Surprise
Open 13 October 2012Staffordshire Outing
Open April 2012Faraday Guild Visit Lincolnshire
Open October 2011West Wiltshire
Open April 2011Spring Outing to the West Midlands
Open October 2010The Day We Went to London
Open 17 April 2010Faraday Guild Visit to Kings Lynn
Open October 2009Herefordshire
Open April 2009Chew Valley Outing
Open October 2008Channel Islands Trip
Open April 2008Faraday Guild in the Peak District of Derbyshire
Open September 2007Faraday Guild in the Usk Valley
Open April 2007Faraday Guild Spring Meeting in Lincoln
Open September/October 2006A Yorkshire Brew
Open April 2006Ipswich Meeting
Open October 2005A Pre-Occupation with Death - Herts/Beds
Open April 2005A Cotswold Springtime Saunter
Open October 2004Faraday Guild Returns to its Roots
Open 24 April 2004West Yorkshire Outing
Open 11 October 2003Surrey Outing
Open April 2003Faraday Guild in Northamptonshire
Open 5 October 2002Outing to Bath
Open 20 April 2002Leicester Outing
Open September 2001Bells & Whistles Tour (Severn Valley Railway)
Open March 2001North Kent
Open October 2000Cambridgeshire & North Hertfordshire
Open March 2000West Midlands
Open October 1999Trains and Boats and Planes (Dublin)
Open March 1999Bedford Meeting
Open October 1998Virtute et Industrial - Bristol
Open September 1997London Outing
Open March 1997Faraday Guild in East Cheshire
Open September 1996Walking in Oxford
Open March 1996Faraday Guild in East Sussex